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Person Behind

Who am I?

Profound believer of accessing hidden knowledge in data; There is no such thing as collecting data too heavily - only understanding too slowly. 

I am a highly analytical person keen on the How-To's about transforming knowledge into actions. Making sure the use of data as decision support actually presents itself as support for the organisation; leaving no path within analytics, visualisation and the language of math unexplored. 

Welcoming Data Science as one way of creating needed focus on a more data driven approach on business. The 'how' is only a matter of tecnical solutions, its the 'what' and 'why' that's important.

Developing business through IT. Merging IT with business making sure IT never will be the limiting factor of the way forward. Always trying to find the best solution to the equation no matter if the question asked is about customer loyalty, maximizing revenue, forecast, fulfillment or other business related matters.

I have a background in both IT and economics and have been working with business processes and analytics, Business Intelligence, IT and databases for a couple of decades. Also enjoy teaching and speaking at international conferences as a two way street of sharing knowledge and getting inspiration.


Majken Sander

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