Knowledge can come in many shapes. Collecting books, articles, online references and listing people with whom I got wiser would be an impossible task.

But once in a while someone asks for a place to start, therefor this short list of books. A lot of other great books could have been mentioned, sorry to those forgotten.


Who ever decided that the topic of analytics and data is dry.. Foreman proves them so utterly wrong! Forecasting in Excel (and R). Forget you already know the topic and read it anyway!

Data Smart

Okay, so how do one go about this forecasting in RL..

Side by side; Algorithms and Examples (in R)

Forecasting: principles and practice

 If Excel is what you've got - this book shows you that it is no excuse (sorry!)

Predictive Analytics Microsoft Excel

Pro's and con's in various approaches to forecasting.

Demand Driven Forecasting

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